Ex K





Top Left: CVS – Kodak

Top Right: Rite Aid – Fuji Film

Middle: Claremont Photo – Epson

Bottom Left: Walgreen’s

Bottom Right: Staples

Well, it was fun going place to place printing out the same photo. It was interesting looking at each other side by side to see the differences. First of all I knew that the Claremont Photo was going to be better; higher price usually means better quality and it is. The Claremont Photo has darker richer colors than the other photos. It seems truer to the original image with little or no modifications to the color or exposure as seen in the other photos. The other cheaper photos being a bit more exposed seems to lose its quality and the emotion that original photo had. As of right now I am not sure where exactly I want to keep printing at. I am leaning towards Claremont, however Fuji Film did have the second best color match and OK quality.


Project 2 Research


Lets start with the first thing that came into mind when I actually started to think about this project. PF Flyers have been one of my favorite shoes and yes it is because of Sandlot. So, in that case I want to do a homage to the movie itself, something around the lines of the two sample images provided above. I want to photograph the show in action, such as when it impacts the base plate lifting the dirt of the ground showing speed and force. The second idea came to me soon after the PF Flyer idea. It is a bit dark, however I hope it delivers an impact. It is a con alcohol still life, in which a person hand is shown on the paved road with a bottle in hand and other bottles near it. This is suppose to tell the story of a person passed out after a wild night. The last idea was a hard one to think of. I didn’t want to do a traditional food still life, I want it to be more creative. Maybe around the lines of movement or deconstruction in a dark humor way. In this case show a hamburger deconstructed in an unconventional way, show a dead steer (toy) covered in blood, and then the rest of the ingredients smashed or contorted.