Portrait Research

Self Portrait: I plan on shooting about my culture by wearing clothes that are traditional representational of my heritage. I want to show both the insecurities and pride (mixed feelings) of how I feel about my culture by hiding half of my face.
Environmental Portrait: I want to take a photo of my friend doing her favorite exercises at places where she feels comfortable and relaxed either at home or outside. I want to add light/shadows to create a relaxing mood.
Simple Portrait: I want to create a photo that reflects the emotions of what my friend has when trying to accept her natural self even with acne problems. I will playing with long exposure and shutter speed to create that ghostly effect that will show her sadness/anger. Might consider b&w filter.
Creative Portrait: I am going to try fashion photography with my friend who loves all types of fashion styles especially, grunge. I am planning on shooting in different perspective to show various positions that may seem interesting.

Exercise G

Locations (left to right): CVS, Kinkos, Walgreens, CPP Print Lab
The CPP Print Lab and Kinkos were among the best quality print as opposed to the others because both prints had similar color representation to the original digital file, no matter if it was printed on a glossy or matte finish.
I probably would print from the CPP print lab or Kinkos in the future. Some adjustments would be adding more contrast before sending it out because both prints did not capture the blue-green of the water accurately rather it was more of a pale greenish color water.