Exercise K



EX G Printing

1) Walmart

2) Target

3) CVS

4) Cal Poly

The best match in terms of color, contrast, exposure, I found was target. In terms of paper quality I found that out to be Walmart. Most of the other stores I happened to print at seemed to be very low quality paper, with the colors of the actual photograph being a touch more saturated then my actual photograph. Walmart also seemed to be the best when it came to the quality of the photograph as a whole, showing very little grain compared to the other stores. The only problem was that the contrast of the photograph seemed to be on the lower side, so next time I go print at Walmart I will have to remember to compensate for that by raising my contrast up a touch. As for printing my photo projects from now on I plan on using Walmart. Not only are they quick and reliable but the quality is decent at a great price for the work I am producing for this class.img_3685

Still Life Research

For my traditional photograph, I would like to take a picture of all of my photo equipment. From an elevated perspective pointing directly perpendicular to to floor, as shown in my research photographs. These type of photographs are popular and seem to be difficult to capture. For my product photograph I would like to portray an alcoholic beverage in a high contrasted and dimly lit setting. With subtle water droplets surrounding the product. The balanced darkness with the surrounding water droplets should frame my product in a pleasing manner.For my food photograph I will be taking a photograph of Mochi a sweet chewy treat. I like the idea of a pink sugar coated treat on a white background, much like the pink berry photograph.