Exercise K



Still Life Research



Traditional: I want to focus on a still life that has a bit of a twist to it. I want there to not only be a nice composition set with dramatic lighting but I want to try and have a commentary within it. I also want the objects to work together but all be weird and separate from each other. I want it to have traditional elements but with odd content.

Product: For this idea I was planning on grilling up some hotdogs but have those in the background of the aerial view. I was going to adjust my aperture to get a nice depth of space. I want it to seem like it’s a cook out kind of party and having the plate in focus in the corner will bring this motion with it to help with that idea.

Food: I wanted to focus on Asian style food with this because I feel like there is some great textures that I can play with. I wanted to use the noodles to move the flow of the composition. I plan on using a lot of pops of color with garnishes since a lot of noodle base foods can be pretty bland. I almost want to make it seem like a solar system with the noodles as the focus and the other aspects supporting them.