Ex J



Ex G

The best match is Walgreens that the exposure is closely similar to the original.  There is no best quality in those four commercial prints, but I would say it’s Walgreens.  Those prints are Glossy, although I don’t have a preference in choosing between Glossy or Luster, and I will try Luster.  The future prints will be at a professional print store such as Powell Camera Shop because I believe its quality and print is the best choice.


Still Life Research

I sketch a few concepts what I plan to shoot. Researching on Still Life helps me brainstorm and jot down the ideas. For traditional still life, I will make origami phoenixes hanging above the red candles as if they were revived from the flame and old-styled Japanese cups. The background is black with using the candlelight to show contrast of value. Alternatively, orchids can be used among other objects to display a sense of peace and harmony. I am still debating which one is the best. I choose boxing gloves with the white or wooden background including an artificial light. The theme will be powerful or strong. I want to add martial arts equipment, but I feel it may contain too much information that can lose its purpose of this photography. For food still life, I choose banana, although it looks simple; however, there are many ways to capture this object with creativity as well as make it exciting or bizarre.


_DSC0017 copy