Still Life Research



Product shot will be either bottle or pack wine in vertical composition to emphasize the elongated package and its sub-product, glass cup.

Food shotwill be taken in either top or eye-level view to have an interesting composition out of the chosen food/fruit’s unique shapes and texture.

Traditional shot will be taken horizontally in either top or eye-level view. I will use objects that symbolize modern society’s “dry” work cycle with a cup of coffee and office objects, such as a laptop.

Exercise G

Lee_Jisoo_ExG copy

Printing Locations

  1. Office Depot
  2. Staples
  3. Walgreens
  4. CPP Print Lab
  5. Alco Printing

The best match is from the CPP ENV print lab in terms of color. It has the most accurate color matched to how it appears on the screen but when looked closer, the paper’s grain is shown as noise. Alco Printing’s inkjet print was the best in terms of clarity and paper quality. It has all details clearly shown, and its paper grain is flawless glossy. I plan on using CPP print lab with better quality paper as primary.