Portrait Research – Jonathan Melendez

Melendez_Jonathan_Project 3 ResearchIMG_5742

Self Portrait – The self-portrait I have in mind is showing what I love to enjoyt. For this picture it will be a black and white image of me smoking a cigar and with a nice shadow effect in the lighting to show contrast from one side of my face to other. On top of the contrast it will have nice movement with the smoke lingering in the photo.

Environmental Portrait – For this portrait I will have a nice setup at my family members Tiki room bar, which will show high contrast and vibrant colors. The portrait will consist of myself or my cousin enjoying a drink in the tiki room. With the main focus being the main subject enjoying a beverage surrounded by numerous things, textures, and colors that will add to the image.

Formal Portrait – On this formal portrait picture will be pretty straight forward shot of myself or someone else in their best suit or outfit. This will include a nice background hopefully with a nice gradient effect to add to the photo. On top of a shallow depth of field to show the main subject as the main focus.

Creative Portrait – To add creativity to this image I was thinking of playing with long exposure and how to add a certain feel and movement to the photo. Another idea is to be able to modify with colors and how it can add to a long exposure image. I will also try and see how framing can add to this image by using the rule of thirds and or centering the person to see what works best.