Series Proposal

California Costal Love

I would like to focus on costal landscape, beaches, piers, and light houses. I plan on going down to maybe as far as San Diego and work my way up PCH. I want to focus on the silhouettes of piers, people, and shape of the landscape on the sand up to the mountains around it. I see myself either making landscape shots with a wide-angle lens or medium prime or zoom. I also see myself taking pictures of people in the sunset around golden hour. I want to do this project on this topic to give a gift to my parents for their 30th Anniversary. I would like to showcase all the places that we have been to, from San Diego all the way up to Pismo Beach. I would like to show people the beauty of the sandy beaches of California. I plan on using a neutral density filter to help with shooting long exposures in broad daylight or night. Also, I may need a polarization lens just to clean up the subject without any post editing. I plan on construction a book near the 12”x12” size that will show each place that I have gone to, some black and white and some colored depending on the mood I am trying to portray.

Portrait Research

For my project I am thinking about having a few different areas to take photos, the first for self portrait would something being in my room reading next to a window or even in my car while it is raining. Next for environmental I am looking into polishing or waxing a car, maybe something else, LACMA is going to be a place of choice or somewhere deep within the heart of Los Angeles. Lastly formal is going to be at a studio of some sort with a solid background and the colors may vary. Maybe a natural or good looking wall somewhere.