Exercise K – Landscape

Exercise K


Portraiture Research

Portraiture ReaserchSketches

Based on my research on self-portrait, location, simple portrait and relative portrait I came up with ideas on how take pictures for this project. Self-portrait I want to show a natural side, where the truth and honesty about myself will show with reflection and shadow. The on-location portrait I want to show location that I like to be in such as in the garage working on my cars, or outside in nature looking at plants and designing. With formal and simple portrait, I want to shoot with a plain black or gray background so it can focus on the subject and show some emotion. The creative portrait, I want to try and tell a story by an abstract picture such as what Pierre Beteille creates.

Exercise G

The best quality print was from the Claremont photo.

Best match was from the print lab at CPP. The color match is closest to any of the five locations I went.

As of right now, I plan to print at Claremont photo for the quality, but if I can get the Costco match program discussed in class then Costco for the better price and paper quality.