Project 3 Research


Self Portrait: Keeping it simple and just showing off my personality. (Peter Hurley)

On Location: I wanted to shoot my friend while she does what she likes to do best [smoke] at the place where it all began for her. (Steve McCurry)

Simple: The focus is on my brother and his love for soccer. (Krista Campbell)

Creative: I wanted to twist it up a bit and include another self portrait, something I would consider like a dark side kind of like in a 50 shades of grey style. (Miss Complejo)IMG_1395.JPG


Exercise G


The best quality would be Walgreens(2nd row on the right). The worst was Walmart since it looked blurry and the blue sky was marked with printer stripe marks on it(3rd row on the left).

The best match would be Samy’s Camera(2nd row on the left).

I plan to print at Walgreens but I would have adjust the contrast and slightly raise either the exposure and/or the brightness.


Still Life

Still Life: For the first part of the project, I wanted to project the stuff a typical college student has like a backpack, pencil and paper as well as some things we can’t live without like our phones and MacBooks.

Product: I decided to photograph sunglasses in such a way where shadows and lighting would play an important factor of this concept.

Food: The last part of this project, A yummy dessert, like strawberry cheesecake, would be showcased. Taking photos of it would show the texture of the dessert.Garcia_Joseph_Still_Life_Examples.jpgGarcia_Joseph_Still_Life_Sketches