Exercise K



Portrait Research

For the Environmental component, I want to photograph one of my friends hanging out in one of her favorite restaurants, or if it works out better, at her workplace. I think that the workplace will likely be more representative of her in an environment, but I believe both would be interesting to try out if possible.


For the Creative component, I want to focus on perhaps someone yelling or getting covered in paint, since it is something that artists constantly face. In addition, I think that movement is another thing that would be interesting to capture, especially with hair or mouth opening and closing.


As for the Formal component, I am thinking of having someone lay on the ground that has a plain background and working with just some of their limbs, I like photographs that largely exclude the face, they are compelling and different. Additionally, I think it would be interesting to have some hands in the photograph as well.


For the Self Portrait, I am thinking of going with a dark type of photograph perhaps with movement, since I like many others do not like getting their picture taken. However, I think the use of blur and movement creates some masterfully done imagery and I would like to ultilize the technique.




  • Top Left: CVS
  • Top Right: Sam’s Club
  • Middle Left: Walgreens
  • Middle Right: Target
  • Bottom: Powell Camera

The best quality prints came from either Sam’s Club or Powell Camera.

The best match to the screen is Sam’s Club, it is missing some of the image’s exposure, saturation and is a little more warm/yellow toned than the screen version, however.

I will likely be regularly printing at Walmart or Sam’s Club, with adjustments to exposure, saturation and decreasing the warmth of the photograph.