Exercise G


  1. List of Places from top to bottom:
  • Claremont
  • Target
  • Rite Aid
  • Staples
  • Walmart
  1. Best Quality:

Claremont Photo, and Walmart

  1. Best Color Match:

Claremont Photo  and Walmart

  1. Where will I go in the future?

I prefer Walmart because is less price also have not bad photo quality and color match.

  1. What Adjustments do I need to make?

set up warmer a little bit to make my photo more match with my computer color.

Still Life Research

For the traditional I would like to use all my everyday use objects on my table such as pen, pencil, marker or book, the lighting will be dark with a warm light illuminating my desk. in addition with flower or fruits i would like to use dark background as well but use light in the front or come out from bottom to top to show the main object to make my object more symbolism.
For the food i want my background shows blurry and have ingredients that i shoot from the food. which I am planning to shoot sushi because i love sushi. i want natural light like warm color. In addition i have another idea is Chinese food since i am a Chinese and eat Chinese food everyday and i want shoot some delicious food. i would like to have top down view show my photo.
For my product i would like to use perfume or cosmetic or skin care because these is what I use it in daily product. dark for the background and bright light in the front of my product to make my product show up to the main character.