Exercise K



Exercise G

IMG_8693(From top to bottom: Fullerton Photographics, Walgreens, Walmart, Sam’s Club, CVS)

The best match to my edit is CVS (though a bit lighter and more saturated in color). All the other prints were slightly darker in tint.

The best quality paper is from Walgreens. The paper is thicker and smoother as a glossy print than the rest. Surprisingly, my photograph from Fullerton Photographics (the most expensive print and from a professional place) was the cheapest in quality.

I thought it was extremely interesting to see the different types of prints and paper. It made it very clear that choosing a good place to print is integral to a photography project. I plan to print at either Sam’s Club or Costco. It is the cheapest in price while also delivering a higher quality print. Because both these places print darker, I will adjust that in my editing to balance.

Still Life Research

New PostChung_Jocelyn_StillLife_Brainstorm.jpg

I am particularly drawn to the tension between cleanliness and chaos in still life photographs. I also am drawn to the tension between vivid and placid colors in these photographs. In my still life project, I hope to bring these particular tensions to life by exploring my own version of it. For the food still life photo, I plan to emphasize the color and texture of the food to create an inviting aesthetic. For the product, framing the packaging well while still incorporating the frame around it is my goal. Lastly, for the traditional still life, I hope to combine the traditional elements of a still life with my own variation by playing with lighting, shadow, and background.

I am excited to start this project, and hope that it will assist in giving me greater photographing skills for photographing my portfolio pieces in the future!