Exercise K Tony Andrade



Still Life Research Tony Andrade


Traditional: For this style, Id like to use objects that have vibrant colors and position them in-front of de-saturated pastel colors. My main focus here is composition and color. I have a red hot ukulele and some fruits. Id like to reference the styles of the examples I uploaded.

Food: I have a close affinity to desserts and small fruits, so Id like to combine a colorful fruit or dessert (most likely Donuts) and combine it with a neutral background with heavy wood texture. I want to convey a hipster aesthetic and color palette.

Product: A top-down view of a cool watch is what I am aiming for compositionally, with an emphasis on the watch. I think that a shallow depth of field would work best here to focus on the product. As mentioned before, I would like to reference the examples I provided.

Exercise G Tony Andrade


List of Places: Target, Walgreens, FedEx, Copy&Mail, Claremont Photo

Best Quality: Claremont Photo, FedEx

Best Color Match: Claremont Photo

Where will I go? I will most likely go to FedEx or Walgreens.

Adjustments: I would calibrate the walgreens prints to be slightly darker (print came out too bright).