Ex K



Ex G

  1. Claremont Photo, Fedex Kinkos, Walmart, CVS, and Target.
  2. Claremont Photo had the best quality prints as well as paper quality. I also really enjoyed the experience of going in to their shop; they were super nice and very willing to help.
  3. Again Claremont Photo. For a non professional print, the best color was from CVS.
  4. I wil likely go to Claremont because of quality as well as customer service aspect. If I need a faster and closer print, I will go to CVS and see if they have a better quality paper to choose from.I don’t think I would need to make any changes if I were to use Claremont Photo but for CVS I would up the exposure slightly.




For my still life project, I want to go with a camping motif. For the category of food, I decided to photograph S’mores. I want to capture the rustic and outdoorsy feeling of having a campfire by using wood as a base and possibly a fire in the out-of-focus background.

For the product category, I decided to photograph boots; I thought that this would fit in with my theme. I want to make this photograph more dynamic and possibly use a person jumping while wearing the boots. I really like the water drops coming from the product in the Palladium example. If I don’t end up using a person, I will most likely still use a rustic, wooden background.

The traditional still life is where the camping motif stemmed from. I want to incorporate typical items you would take for an outdoors trip. While doing research, I mostly found shots taken from above. However, I do not think I will end up doing this; to me it feels overdone and cliche. I choose these examples because I liked items, layout, and overall feeling the photos had.