Exercise K – Trevor Franco



Final Project Proposal – Trevor Franco


Project Proposal

For my final project, I want to center my social issue around the topic of Asian actors unable to play a significant role in Hollywood films. Since the start of movies, Asians have been portrayed as unintelligent, side characters, and villains. Very rarely has Hollywood put an Asian as the main character. When they are set as main characters, they are very stereotypical and do not stand out as the hero type. This is very discriminating against a very large culture and population of viewers who watch these movies. Another problem with Hollywood is that they set Caucasians in Asian roles. For example, the movie Ghost in the Shell is originally an anime (Asian animation. The main character in the movie is a Japanese female. But because of Hollywood, Scarlett Johansson, a white female, plays the lead. A lot of people were angered by this and for good reason. If one is adapting an animation into a live-action film, then it is highly suggested to keep to the characteristics of the roles. What I want to do with this project is to create movie posters where an Asian is the focus and center of attention. This will help to promote the idea of an Asian playing as the main character of the movie. Going this route will also allow me a lot of freedom and play to set up whatever scene I want. I would be able to do action, horror, romance, etc. I would also want to stay away from stereotypical films such as Kung Fu, Historical Asian Drama, etc. I think that this project can be both impacting and exciting for the Asian community.


Portrait Research – Trevor Franco


For my research, I did not find a lot of photographers that I was interested in. Almost all of the photographers I saw displayed a lot a raw negative/serious emotions. I did not like this. One of the few photographers I like is Brandon Woelfel. His photos are at least filled with a mysterious, yet brighter atmosphere. This is because his focus on the lights that he uses and the colors he emphasizes. For the self-portrait, I haven’t thought of anything specific yet of how I want to portray myself (lowkey not that interesting of a person lol). For the on location shot, I want to use existing environments and have 1 prop that can help emphasize the scene even more. For the formal pictures, I want to use mirrors and play with it. For the creative, I want to do something like Woelfel and use lights. I want to try and use other kinds of lights other than the copper light he uses is a lot of his photos.