Exercise K

Exercise K.jpg


Portraiture Research

In the Portaiture project I am focusing on four different unique shots that I hope will captivate the portraits in ways that adds emotion and meaning. Since it is my personal project, self-portrait will be to create the emotion through the focal point, me. To do this, I will use a mix of dark and gloomy with a bright feature to draw the eye’s attention. In the environmental portrait, I wanted to focus on a physical trainer in their gym. The environment of a physical trainer is crucial to their job performance and I will aim to captivate that environment with the heart of the trainer. As for the simple portrait, I will break the picture down to just a person on a solid color background, with that person displaying a specific emotion, preferably happiness or excitement. Lastly the creative portrait will consist of covering the individual’s face with something that they feel speaks to them. This will be something that will have meaning and explain who that person is specifically.

Exercise G

Places I went:

  • Claremont Photo, Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and Target.

Question: Where is the best quality?

  • Claremont Photo

Question: What is the Best Match:

  • Costco had the best match out of all the places I went. The colors in the background and the focal point matched the best.

Question: Where do you plan on printing for the future of the class?

  • I plan on printing at Costco for the future. They had the best price and the best match.

Question: What changes will you make to match to the screen?

  • Costco printed just a tad dark in the shadows compared to the original. I would bring up the shadows and contrast a tad so that it won’t be as dark in the print.