Exercise K – Landscape



Project 2

The ideas that my still life’s will incorporate is entropy, containment and juxtaposition of elements that ties in the focus of the item being photographed with their background. A water bottle is filled with water and the purpose of the water bottle is only to be filled and after that it become discarded, it lasts longer that what its intended purpose is. The second idea being photographed is a big gulp cup because their big size reflects how much consumption has grown and the need to have bigger cups for bigger appetites. The third idea is paper towels, they soak up messes and they become what they clean, they also have cool textures on them making interesting photographs. These are the main ideas that my still lives will revolve around, hopefully they are not to boring.

exercise g- printing

The order of locations for the printing locations from top to bottom are Claremont Photo, Target, Walmart, Walgreens and Staples. The best match came from Claremont Photo because they matched the color and had the best sharpness out of all the locations. The best quality also came from Claremont Photo. I plan on trying out Costco based on the recommendation o the professor or Claremont photo. photos