exercise K

exercise K


project research

For my formal portrait, I want to have a heavy contrast and hard edge lighting to create a more dramatic piece rather than having a softly lit face. For the environmental piece, I want to capture someone in the process of their work. I think in order to make this interesting is by connecting the person with the environment, for example, holding tools that associate with the surrounding. For the self portrait, I want to capture myself on the computer because I spend most of my time on the computer playing games are drawing. Finally, for the creative piece, the biggest thing I want to capture is a dynamic pose and something that shows off the intricacy of the human body. The props however are mostly undecided.

Exercise G

I think that the best image quality comes from the professional print at icon LA because of the color accuracy. Although if I were to print at a commercial printer, I think that walgreens has much better image quality compared to the other ones and the print lab on campus. It was very easy to notice the laser print because of the lack of contrast compared to the other prints. Taking convenience and cost into consideration, I would probably want to print at the print lab as much as possible. However, walgreens would not be a bad option if I did not have the chance to print at the print lab.Yu_Jeffrey_Texture

Research Jeffrey Yu

In my photos, I plan on capturing things that I enjoy and representative of me. For the food still life, I plan on photographing a traditional Chinese meal in a table top view. I believe that taking the photograph at this angle works the best for my composition because it captures the whole meal in its entirety, whereas other angles would have certain food items covered and overlapping each other. For the still life photograph, I want to create a black and white photograph of my charcoal materials. Charcoal is one of my favorite mediums to draw in because of the texture and how black and white looks. I plan on capturing this photo from an angled view in order to show dynamism and make an interesting composition. I also want to capture the texture of the charcoal because it is a very important part of the medium’s beauty. Lastly, for the product, I plan on capturing it from a frontal view. The reason behind this is to show the product boldly, whereas a an angle view would make it seem much less powerful as a product. I plan on using peanut butter with bread in the background because of the many different textures it can have, and it is also really good.