1. I printed at Powell Camera Shop, FedEx Kinkos, Office Depot, Walgreens, and Target.
  2. I think the best quality print came from Office Depot.
  3. I think the best color match print came from Target.
  4. I will most likely print at Office Depot but I will need to make adjustments to my photos, specifically the yellow and cyan.

Project2 Research


While learning about project2 I immediately had ideas for both the product and food photographs. For the product photograph I plan to shoot my Ninja Turtle Doc Martens. They’re fun, colorful, visually interesting, and not your typical adult shoe. When it comes to shoe photography I prefer two styles either photographing the shoes in an unorthodox way like the image of the boots being used as a vase, or with the shoes on people but only photographing the person from the legs down. For the food photograph I wanted to shoot something fun and on my mom’s colorful Fiestaware plates. I want the image to be very colorful and pop, but I’m still working out color schemes. I did however decide to shoot cupcakes from a bakery called Creme de la Creme. Finally for my still life photograph I decided I wanted to attempt a monochromatic still life- although I’m still unsure about the actual items I plan to use. At first I had no clue what I wanted to do but after doing some research and looking at other still life photography styles I decided that the monochromatic themed photographs were my favorite would work well style-wise with my food and product photographs.