Exercise K



portraiture research



Self-portrait: want to blur face or not show face. feel of anxiety and depression, black and white maybe. Idea-shot in the corner with shadows and curtains creating drape-like shadows. Use smoke, incorporate that in a blur shot?

Environmental: Real world stuff. maybe take an adventure over the weekend. LA San Fran stuff. Take at grandpa’s house?

Minimalistic Background: Pop color like orange in bg, side-lit model looking hard af in bomb “i can stab a b with my eyeliner.” Looking rocker or hipster??

Creative: Colorful or Depressing? Use paints, glue, run it down the hands and arms. Crop from lips to torso. Or blue of kids playing on the street?

Exercise G



  • Upon observation, it seems like costco is the place to go for good prints, cheaper prices
  • Although I only got my hands on a CVS print, it was okay in color saturation, but I did notice some noise.
  • I plan on printing at Costco
  • Some changes would be the saturation and contrast value.