Exercise K



Exercise G


Order of Photos:

  1. CVS
  2. Walgreens
  3. Costco
  4. Rite Aid
  5. Bill’s Camera

Best Color Match: Bill’s Camera had the best color match. It defined the tones of the picture really well

Best Quality: Bill’s Camera had the best quality in paper and color.

Where I will Print: I will print at Costco because Costco was the second runner up in best quality and color match. The Costco print matched the professional photo place the most. The Costco print was a tiny bit darker so if I were to print there, I would compensate by making my image a bit brighter.


Still Life Research

For my product image, I chose to do a Coke bottle. For my photo, I want to have a classic Coke bottles in a cooler or metallic fridge with a red background or a beach setting. My other idea is to do a close up image of the bottle being sipped on by a female model with red lipstick. The face is not shown in the picture but only the ice cold Coke bottle.

For my food image, I want to do photos of ice cream with whole ingredients sprinkled on top or bottom. I want to try shooting three cones of ice cream on a rack at a side angle with different ingredients sprinkled on top. I also want to try the ariel view approach with real ingredients and matching colors surrounding the ice cream.

For my still life, I want to try taking photos of dead flowers with different size and shapes of vases. I intend to have most of the surrounding be dark and gray colors with very dramatic lighting.