Ex O


Series Proposal

Tentative Series Name:Cat Adventure Quest / Paws on Treasure

State Idea: For this series I want to focus on taking pictures of my cat dolls going on adventures in natural environments and finding treasure.

How will you execute idea? I plan on arranging my cat dolls in a still life setting outside. This will be in natural lighting only. I will be putting one object in each photo to depict a treasure.

Significance: The significance of this project is to remind people the joy of making memories by going on adventures. I feel people may forget to take a break in their busy lives. I want this series to remind people of their happy memories or the joy of going on adventures. Overall, I hope this series will momentarily take away a person’s worries and remind them of the joys in life.

Special conditions, equipment, or technique: I might need to use a short desk tripod or a regular tripod.

Output method and Size: I plan on using either 8″x12″ or bigger prints.