Final Proposal

Kenneth Gene Hamel IV

Professor Rico

Digital Photography

20 November 2019

Final Project Series Proposal 

Tentative Series Name: Bodies

State Idea: For this series I want to focus on human anatomy. 

How will you execute idea? I plan to take abstract portraits of strong and muscular people in unique poses using a studio setting. I will incorporate a hard and direct light source to emphasize the highlights and shadows. I want to show give significance to the anatomy of the human figure and each muscle group. 

 Why is this topic important to you? What do you want other people to understand? What do you hope this series will accomplish? I’ve seen the great lengths of human anatomy and how athletes for example can push the boundaries by increasing muscle mass. I want to showcase some of my teammates on the Cal Poly Pomona track team and reveal the hard work, dedication, and their craft that they put into their body. 

Any special conditions, equipment, or techniques needed?

No I don’t really need anything except sunlight. 

Output Method and Size: I plan to print 11×17 size. I want to size of the photos to be pretty big to show the details in the anatomy. 


Traditional- Will be a still life of a my daily morning scene of drinking tea and drawing .

Product – Will showcase my Cartier classes I have. I will take simple and clean photos of this product on top of a box

Food – I will be preparing a home made meal showing the final product of Tacos. The Tacos will be front and center or rule of thirds depending on how it looks. A bunch of scattered limes around the table and tortillas will be at the edge of the image, with condiments off in the background.