Exercise K



Traditional- Will be a still life of a my daily morning scene of drinking tea and drawing .

Product – Will showcase my Cartier classes I have. I will take simple and clean photos of this product on top of a box

Food – I will be preparing a home made meal showing the final product of Tacos. The Tacos will be front and center or rule of thirds depending on how it looks. A bunch of scattered limes around the table and tortillas will be at the edge of the image, with condiments off in the background.

Exercise G: Printing

Photos of Prints
Original Digital File

3. Building 13 Art Lab , Walgreens, Walmart, Bills Camera & Costco

4. The Best quality print is from Art Building

5. I will be printing in the art building in the future due to its high quality and low expense. I will need make the tone cooler in order to make it closer to my original photo because the print came out a little warmer.