Proposal Series

Tentative Series Name:For my idea of my series I want to make a small book of flowers or art of painting drawing or places to go visit. My main idea so far is to create a book or pamphlet of local places 

 How will you execute idea? 

I plan to use natural outdoor lighting. Also to focus on landscape scenes using primarily natural light. 

Why is this topic important to you?

This topic is very important to me because it represents what I like to do and based on my passion as well and I will enjoy making it as well. 

 What do you want other people to understand?

I want people to understand how I’m creative and passionate about traveling around town and going out. For others to see how underappreciated certain places there are locally. 

 What do you hope this series will accomplish?

 I want to focus on this issue because I feel like people are often questioning on what to do on their free time and have no idea where to go around. This will help others to give ideas about where to go or where to plan for close places like where I live or out of town.  

 Any special conditions, equipment, or techniques needed? I plan for these images to use a tripod to avoid blurry photographs. Output Method and Size: For the series I plan on using traditional prints sized 4×6, or 11×17 . I want the images to be large and show all of the details in the scene. 

Portrait Research


For my self portrait, I was thinking of showing the abstracts of the body instead, such as hands or showing part of the legs. Maybe only showing the hands doing an activity like painting or drawing. I would have myself shoot the photo with a tripod and faced showing my back and myself painting or drawing. 


For my environmental portrait, I was thinking of taking photographs of my guy friend skatingboarding at the skatepark. He would tell me it’s his favorite place also how much he really loves to skateboard and it’s his favorite hobby as well. I might need a tripod for this category. Also I was thinking of taking pictures of my friend who is a dancer. I want to go to a dance studio to take photographs of my friend to show how passionate she is about her dance choreography, how it’s very important to her showing action in the photo.


For this one, to show emotion, attitude, style, and character including a plain background. I would have the person dressed up and sitting down on a chair or lying down on the floor. I want to use colored gel for this category and my goal is to make look very professional and formal as possible. 

Creative Portrait

For this category, I was thinking of taking photographs of my friend who loves to work with fashion to tell a story about herself. I want to play around with the gel papers. I want to make this category very creative as possible. If I use myself for this category, I was thinking of recreating a photograph or use my friend to recreate a photography from a fashion magazine photoshoot.

Exercise G

Locations: Walgreens, CVS, Claremont Photo, Costco, Office Depot

4.) The best quality print is the Claremont Photo place and. made my photo more accurate than theater printing places.

5.) I would print in the future maybe at the Claremont Photo and Costco. Adjustments I would make is fix the saturation to make it less and the white balance less pinkish. 

Still Life Research Project #2

I want to photograph a set of makeup: brushes, palettes, separate eyeshadows, etc. To add more dramatic effect I want to add glitter and put a pastel. I want to photograph a set of barbie dolls. I want to accomplish all three categories and include the elements we discussed in class. I want to achieve find a good place for lighting and make sure my camera settings are accurate. I want to play with the composition and make sure it fits the. requirements of the project but still have fun with it as welL.