Landscape- Exercise K



Portrait Research



For my portraits, I hope to explore different ways to convey emotion and context effectively through images. I am struggling to frame my subjects when I photograph them so hopefully I will be able to highlight my subjects context to the viewer. My plan is to follow 4 different people for each of my portrait subjects so that I can explore different ways to photograph the person as well as getting to know them. I feel this will most effectively give my photographs context. IMG_5100.jpg

Project 2: Research



For my Project 2, I am incorporating the use of temperature and white balance to achieve  photos that will evoke feelings of warmth or seriousness. My traditional still life will be of a popular fruit in my household. Currently, the fruit I want to focus on is Durian, a fruit known for its pungent smell. The fruit has great textures and looks very strange all over. As for my prepared food photo, I want to place my food item in a home setting, with an avocado toast. I am debating on what kind of setting will look best for this photo. Finally, my product photo will be focused on quality work boots. Because I have a personal interest in well-made work boots, I am looking forward to staging this product in a way that will convey the brand’s purpose and values.