Portrait Research


Self Portrait- I was thinking about having the background in plain with me holding one of my art works that is framed or holding one of my baby pictures. Or holding having myself drawing a cartoon version of myself.

Environmental Portrait- I was thinking of having a friend wear something of their culture and wonder around a natural setting. Maybe go to a park or a rose garden, somewhere with natural lighting.

Simple Portrait- I was thinking of have the model dressed a sort of medieval attire or something fancy that shows class with a dark background like a navy blue.

Creative Portait- I was thinking of having a some friends dress in their causal or semi-formal attires and have them hang out as a group to do different poses.

Ex. G

Sheum_Kirsten_ EdgeSheum_Kirsten_exG.jpg(Top to Bottom: Walgreens, Powell Camera Shop, Target, Office Depot, and Walmart)

Where was the best match?

  • Powell Camera Shop and Walmart was close.

Where was the best quality?

  • Powell Camera Shop and Walmart.

Where will you print and with what adjustments will you make?

  • I plan on printing at Powell Camera Shop, since it is the best matches to my computer and has the best quality. However, if not, I will go to Walmart and make adjustments like making the exposure darker and make the temperature warmer.