Exercise J


Project 3 Research

Self Portrait: I think for my self-portrait, I want to use more neutral colors or a neutral background with me sitting or standing in my room with all my stuff but I do not plan to look directly into the camera because I want the photo to not looked like a school photograph but rather an art piece. 

On Location/Environmental: I think I will use myself for this idea and have myself sitting in a grassy area or outside someplace reading one of my books because it is something I enjoyed doing before school started taking over a majority of my free-time. I want the lighting to be very natural in this environment with subtle shadows around me to make the photo look more realistic rather than doing major edits. I want to base this on my peaceful inner peace while still showing how the outside environment can create a calm area for one to enjoy a great book.

Formal/Simple: Want the colors to be plain and simple for this composition, I think I want to show my friend either sitting her her car that is parked for have her at the horse stables leaning against the fence in order to show a calmness to the photo and make it seem like everything is relaxed and not hectic. 

Creative Portrait: For my creative composition, I am not entirely sure what I want to do just yet, mainly because there are many routes I can go. I want to either play around with lighting and possibly gels to give the composition a more dynamic look or I will explore different environmental backgrounds to tell a story. 

Exercise G – Printing

List of locations (top to bottom):



Bronco Copy N’Mail



The professional quality print from Claremont was definitely the best because of the paper and ink quality. It was the most accurate to my original file and showed the right amount of details and the the right temperature I originally had in my file. I the future, I will probably try to use Claremont again because I was happy with the results, but I would be willing to try Walmart because I have printed personal photos from there before and they also were pretty good quality. 

Project 2 Research


I want to do something simple for my traditional still life composition with a tea or coffee cup (not sure if it will be full or not), and a stirring spoon on the left side. I want to include a kettle in the background to show depth and an napkin for color contrast in the foreground. I am also considering adding a fruit like an apple or lemon to the composition. For my product still life, I want to use my contact lens solution bottle and the case for the lenses to have clean colors in the composition. I may also put in the box it came in and possibly my glasses to match the product theme. For my food composition, I would like to use either a bowl  of beef stew with parsley or pasta with marinara sauce and cheese on top. There will be a slice of bread on the side of it or in front to lead the eye into the composition. I am considering adding a glass of water or Pellegrino bottle in the back for complementary colors along with a napkin  on the other side of the bowl and a fork inside the food.