Exercise G

Exercise G

I had chosen to print my image in the following stores; Office Depot, Art print center, Fed Ex, CVS, and Samy’s camera. Of all the prints, the worst print came from CVS. My print at CVS was fairly blurry and lacked much of the contrast from the original photo taken. On top of the resolution, I was not able to choose the type of paper the photograph was printed on. My best photo came from Samy’s Camera, which had rich contrast and colors that resembled the actual photograph I had taken. I was impressed by the type of paper Samy’s had provided as well, it was a textured matte paper that seems to really compliment the photograph well.



Still Life Research

For the traditional still life, I would like to work with an elegant glass and a cigar. I think it would be interesting to capture smoke and see how I could incorporate it into my composition. For the product shot, I was thinking about showcasing Hershel backpacks. I want to reinforce the sturdiness of the product by photographing it a wooded area where I may take advantage of natural light. My food shot would feature a few cupcakes possibly on a plate and wrapped by some sort of fabric.