Exercise K – Kristina Ganda



Project 2 Research – Kristina Ganda

Ganda_Kristina_Project_2_Research.jpgsketch ideas.jpg

For the food portion I’ve always wanted to try to photos of delicious and pretty looking cakes! I’ll be purchasing some cakes for this project (because I must!!) and try to mimic how professional photographers take photos of food.

For my product piece I actually have some of these soaps that look like popsicles! They’re very bright and vibrant and I hope to be able to capture their colors to make them look desirable.

For my still life I’m debating between keeping along the foot theme or if I should attempt to capture pictures of my plushes or figurines that I have at home. I’ll probably take a lot of pictures of all the subjects and choose which I like best!

Exercise G – Kristina Ganda


  1. Claremont Photo and Video
  2. Staples
  3. Target
  4. CVS
  5. Walmart


Surprisingly neither of the photos I printed matched my picture too well. If I had to choose, however, the closest that it did get was the one printed by Claremont Photo and Video. When I went into the store the person helping me was very nice as he explained to me the changes that he did, but he did alter it so much so that the saturation was really strong.

In terms of quality the print paper was best at Claremont Photo and Video again. The photo is really nice and heavy.

I plan to try out my local printing shop since I usually print at that location. The only problem is that they are not open during the weekends, so timing will be off. If I can not print there then I most likely will try out other places, such as Costco.