Ex O



Final Series Proposal

Lavina Tran

November 14, 2018


For this series, I want to focus on the community in which I grew up.

I plan to focus on environmental shots of different areas in the community I grew up in, using natural lighting. I imagine all of the photos to be all landscape. I will leave white space below each photo so I can include a short handwritten description about it and why it is important. I will bind the photos to create the experience that someone reading my journal.

I chose to focus on this issue because I love that feeling of nostalgia every time I go back home on the weekends. I want to turn my childhood memories into something visible and try to make people understand what I felt growing up. I hope that this series will evoke that feeling of nostalgia in people.

I plan to make sure that there is extra white space at the bottom when I print the photos for my handwriting.

I plan on using traditional prints sized 8×8. I want the photos to be a little smaller because I want the experience of viewing the photos to be more intimate.