Ex K



Still Life Research

For food I plan to shoot some sort of brunch food surrounded by other elements that communicate an ongoing brunch.  I plan to take it using natural daylight in order to represent morning.  In the background I want to see if I can show a bit of a nature background.  For my product still life I want to shoot a beauty product, most likely nail polish.  Depending on the color of nail polish I choose, I will surround it with elements that would match the type of scene it would be worn to.  I also want to try spilling some nail polish colors.  For traditional I plan on using label-less wine and books in order to try to create a scene.

Ex G


In order from top to bottom:

Staples, Office Depot, Art Lab, Target, Claremont Photo.

The best match was the one from the professional location, Claremont Photo.

The best quality would also have to be Claremont Photo because of their high quality paper and better match of colors.

I plan to print at the Art Lab because they came in second in terms of best match, I would just need to buy my own photo paper.  The picture turned out a bit darker so i will adjust the exposure higher in order to compensate for their darker printing.