Exercise I



Portrait Research

I found it really neat how the photographer Emilio Jimenez used the shade or silhouette created by the plants and how they sit so well on the human figure. I would like to explore what else can be done with shades from objects for my creative portraits.

I love the dramatic/cinematic lighting on the photos by Desiree Dolron for simple portraits. I would like to find out how that can be achieved without all the studio equipment.

I found Anthony Kurtz’s work very informative because of his ability to show enough of the surroundings of the subject to tell their story. I would like to focus on that for my environmental portraits.

Vivian Maier’s self portraits were almost comical to me because people today take selfies the same way and its interesting to see that it’s something that has been made easier with technology but almost everyone who has held a camera is guilty of taking that selfie of themselves. I plan to use either a timer or the help from someone to avoid taking the picture myslef.