Ex. K




IMG_2062.JPGPlaces (respectively): bronco & mail, CVS, Staples, Walgreens, Sammy’s (did not receive).

Quality: Walgreens was better in weight, staples and bronco & mail were printed on cardstock paper. CVS was light in weight.

Best color match: CVS

I would go to CVS because it is close by, fast in service, affordable and matches my colors the best. I don’t think they can adjust the print. The others were a bit dull and dark in contrast. But my second option would be Bronco copy and mail to get a quick print but they would need to lighten it a bit.

Still life Research

I was inspired and fascinated by these photographers, the ones that attracted me was the use of color and unique ways they displayed the ordinary objects.

Yammie Noshery, Richa Gupta, and , Annabelle Breakey had some cool displays such as the grapes being squeezed by the hands and the messiness of the eggs. I also liked the cool light contrast of the strainer by Nori; as well as her product photography with the soap, getting the soap messy made a cool contrast and composition with the product. I also loved the infusion idea that Marcel Christ did in his blog. He made colorful “explosions” and infused the colors. I am thinking of photographing food coloring in water or another liquid substance to hopefully get an interesting result. I also plan to use dark backgrounds.