Exercise K



Still Life Research

I am still exploring which particular food I will choose but I know it will either be with a fruitĀ pieĀ or with pizza. I really like the food images that are placed within their natural environment. The natural light is very appealing as well as the aerial perspective shots.

I would like to photograph either wine, a camera or perfume for the product photos. From my research I was attracted to the images that also had a particular environment around them that helped to enhance the products appeal. Such as party lighting in the background and the product in focus in front. I also liked the images that incorporated a few other objects in the photo with the product.

For my traditional still life I would like to have objects that are antique, placed on a table. I also love candles and the way they are placed into a still life. I also really will try to have as many different textures as possible. The low lighting gives off a warm feeling that also seems to work well. I was also exploring the idea of creating an unusual still life with on object that has been manipulated but placed on a table as a normal traditional still life setting.