Loi Lien- Ex.G

In my opinion, the print that is best color match to the screen is from Fullerton Photographic. Also the paper quality is pretty good. In addition, I printed all my prints in luster instead of gloss because I like how it feels on my hand and doesn’t glare.For my future printing, I would probably go to Fullerton PhotographicIMG_3842

Loi Lien- Still Life Research

For this project, I chose sculpture for the traditional category, Louis Vuitton Bag for the product, and In-n-Out Burgers for the food. For my traditional backdrop, I want it to have a white background and emphasize more in the highlight and shadow. Also, the setup for the Louis Vuitton Bag will include the outdoors environment with the sky. Lastly, the food category will be inside the actual In-n-Out store. ContactSheet-001IMG_3839