Series Proposal

Tentative Series Name:

Emotion lights

State Idea:

For this series I want to focus on portraits of emotion lights.

How will you execute idea?

I want to try to use some reflective props to create different lights, which can create some different atmospheres of light.

Why is this topic important to you? What do you want other people to understand? What do you hope this series will accomplish?

First of all, the light source is essential for photography. Also, I’m not good at light use, so I want to give myself a challenge. In my photo, I want to provide the audience with different emotions and feelings by using different lights. In the end, I hope my photos’ atmosphere can infect the audience, let them feel the importance of the light.

Any special conditions, equipment, or techniques needed?

In this project, the most important thing is a tripod, which can play a useful role in low shutter speed when the environment doesn’t have enough light source. Moreover, I will also use some props, such as a prism, which can reflect a rainbow in the sunlight. Besides, I will use some gel to create different colors’ light to bring out some more dramatic atmosphere.

Output Method and Size:

I would like to use traditional prints in this project, and the size will be 8×12. I found this size works better and looks more comfortable for my photography.

Portrait Research

For the self-portrait, I will be using my tripod and an external remote.  I want to try different lighting to see which one works out the best. Maybe I will use some of the props like a mirror or glass.

For environmental portrait, I would like to try shooting myself in a painting sense or playing the violin. Also, I will be using a tripod, and I might use a studio light for it because I want to bring out the dramatic atmosphere. 

For formal or simple, I will try to shoot at home because I want a simple and clear background. Sitting on the floor or a chair gives me the feeling of chill, which can be easier to shoot, either formal or simple photos.

In the creative portrait, I think the mirror is an excellent prop that I can use in this theme. I can play it in lots of different angles to create my idea. Also, a glass of water can be used, I probably will try a glass of wine.