Exercise K


Portrait Research

For the self-portrait, I will be using my tripod and an external remote.  I want to try different lighting to see which one works out the best. Maybe I will use some of the props like a mirror or glass.

For environmental portrait, I would like to try shooting myself in a painting sense or playing the violin. Also, I will be using a tripod, and I might use a studio light for it because I want to bring out the dramatic atmosphere. 

For formal or simple, I will try to shoot at home because I want a simple and clear background. Sitting on the floor or a chair gives me the feeling of chill, which can be easier to shoot, either formal or simple photos.

In the creative portrait, I think the mirror is an excellent prop that I can use in this theme. I can play it in lots of different angles to create my idea. Also, a glass of water can be used, I probably will try a glass of wine.  

Exercise G

Location: Powell Camera Shop, Costco, Office Depot, CVS, Target.

First, the best quality is Powell Camera Shop, which is the closest one to the digital photograph. Secondary, Costco did a great job on the printing. It’s slightly different from the original.

I would go to Costco for printing my project in the future. Maybe I should get more exposure, and tune the color cooler to match the digital photograph.

Still Life Research

Traditional still life: I like what these photographers arrangement scenario; however, the still life and is connected with the background. I also want to try a similar style, such as I will be in my office placing some books and a cup of hot coffee with smoke. Also, the sunshine from outside the window will make the whole visual feeling looks good.

Product still life: I will try to use a skincare product or perfume as the subject of my photography, and put some small plants of relevant colors around it, especially for skincare products, which can bring out the sense of nature and organic.

Food still life: The photographers used different ways to interpret the food and the decoration of the scene, and these are worth me to learn. I want to a similar style. I use a lemon, a kettle, a food bowl, a spoon, and a few eggs in the corner as my idea. In the end, sprinkled some pink salt on the surface of the table.