Ex O

Ex O


Series Proposal

Tentative series name:

viewpoint or perspective


A series documenting different and interesting texture from nature or anything manmade with from an interesting angle.


I really want to get a close detail for most of the picture in series, so I want to choose long depth of field most of the time but in some pictures, I might use shallow depth of field to focus on one object only.


I was always interested in texture photography. I also went to a gallery which had a great photography exhibition and it was a series of picture from different texture in nature but from a different point of view which made it interesting to look at.

Any Special conditions or technique needed?

Right now, I don’t think so.

Output method and size:

I think I might print it out on 8 x 10 paper, but this is subject to change depend on the photos and amount of the detail I would have.