Exercise I



Exercise G


  • The best match would be from either the Claremont Photo print or the Cal Poly Pomona print.
  • The best quality print would be from Claremont Photo. The paper is heavy stock and the image is a bit more clear than the others.
  • I definitely prefer Luster. The sheen is not distracting but it is shiny enough.
  • I will most likely be getting my future prints at Claremont Photo or maybe from the school printing place if I can ask for a heavier stock.Exercise G

Project 2 Research


My concept for the food photography category is deconstructed recipes. I want to gather ingredients for an ingredient heavy recipe and arrange them as neatly as possible, much like the photographs I chose for my research. I intend to have a low saturated background. I will shoot the images from an aerial perspective.

For the product category, I want to shoot a 35mm camera. I want to use a person as a prop, to support the camera. This would also lend to the idea that this camera is serving its purpose — shooting pictures. I want to have a centered composition with the camera facing the viewer. The background will be a solid color that is highly saturated and represents the brand of the camera. In this case, I will be using a Nikon 35mm camera, so I will be using a yellow backdrop since the logo is yellow. A finger will be releasing the shutter, as if it is about to take a picture.

In terms of the traditional still life, I still wanted to pay homage to classical still lifes that usually involve fruit. As a twist to the idea, I have decided to photograph rotten fruit. This plays on the idea that a still life is supposed to capture the beauty and the moment of the items in the composition by choosing to capture fruit in the moment that they are the least desirable. I want to have a dark, solid backdrop with a strong light source coming from either of the top corners of the composition. I want to incorporate items that are luxurious, such as an intricate vase and expensive fabrics, to serve as a contrast to the low value of the decomposing fruit.