Project 5 Proposal

Tentative Series Name(s):



For this series, I want to showcase where I’m from and the environment, and people I’m surrounded with and where I feel comfortable.


I plan to photograph the places and people that make me feel at home and present. I want the series to include portraits and landscapes of my environment.

Why is this topic important to you? 

This topic is important to me because I don’t get to spend as much time with the people I love as I’d like, so essentially this is an excuse to be around them and engage in the spaces around me. 

Any special conditions, equipment, or techniques needed?

Im going to use a tripod to take a panoramic shot of the plateaus by my house and make a bounce card for some portraits if I need it. 

Output Method and Size:

I want to do a smaller zine fro this project that has some fold out pages.


Portrait Research


I want to do this category highlighting my hands so that my face will be out of focus. I was also thinking of taking a few pictures with my yankees hat on in my bed because thetas how and where I feel comfortable.


For these, I’m going to take pictures of my brothers. One of them is a golfer and the other is a baseball coach so I want to shoot them where in those types of environments. They both use their hands a lot so they’re pretty beat up is I want to focus on those as well.


I want these look serious but to have an energetic feel to them with the poses. I also want o shoot some of these in black and white.


I’m going to do close ups using gels and the barn door for the lighting. I want to shoot hands with some blurred motion in it.

Exercise G

3. CVS, Boomerang Printing Lab, Staples, Art Building Print Lab, Personal Canon Inkjet.

4. The best quality was at the Art Building print lab.

5. In the future I’m going to print in the art building because I didn’t need to make any adjustments.

Project 2 Research


I want to use the shadows of different types of glasses and light for this set of photos. I also want to add color into the images whether it be with the background colors or other objects.


I want this set of images to focus on a minimalist wallet. I’m going to use different types of cards and ID’s to frame the wallet. I want this set to have a cooler, darker tone to it.


I want to do some of my favorite foods such as cereal or coffee but I want to show movement within the images with the liquid aspect of the food. I also want to do some photos of different fruits that I’ve never tried because maybe I’ll actually try them now.