Ideal Proposal & Sketches

Tentative Series Name: 

“Word to the Wise” or “Words of Wisdom”

State Idea: 

For this series I want to focus on portraits of the homeless. 

How will you execute idea? 

I plan to take environmental portraits from willing homeless capturing their natural essences and current living situations. In the process I will ask “if you could give a word of advice to the world what would it be?” This quote will then be placed at the bottom of the photo.

Why is this topic important to you? What do you want other people to understand? What do you hope this series will accomplish?

Having lived in downtown San Diego and downtown Pomona I have been exposed to a great deal of homelessness. I feel unity in a community can pave the way for its neighbors, all classes, rich and poor. Even the shallowest pockets can offer the richest smile. I want to bring light where most of us will look the other way. I want people to take action in helping those around us. I want the community to understand we are all going through something and we all have something to offer.

Any special conditions, equipment, or techniques needed? 

This series will not require equipment, but I will be conscious of sunlight so that I avoid harsh lighting. If time permits, I would like to get golden hour shots.

Output Method and Size:

For the series I plan on using traditional prints sized at 5×7 onto 8.5×11 using the white space to hand write the personalized quotes by the subjects. 

Alternative print on 8×12 and write the quote directly on the photos.

Portrait Research

I really enjoy an all black self portrait emphasizing the subjects features and I intend to shoot in all black. For environmental I have a very visually appealing workspace/loft to orchestrate a lived in (natural environment). As for formal I would like to recreate a morning self reflection in the mirror capturing what most do in the morning. This formal shot will incorporate things we do to get ready and a sense of progress and growth within myself. Lastly I like to capture a moody shot where I am in the middle or off to the side in a river bank with balloons weighted to the ground.