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Ex G


From top to bottom, I got the photos from Office Depot, Fed-Ex, Powell, Staples, CVS. Fed-Ex and office Depot both had the sturdier paper while still keeping clarity in the photo. The photo that was developed at Powell had ┬átexture that can be seen in the glare and Staples was the most awful. Powell, Office Depot, and Fed-Ex all had close matching colors but Powell was the closest. I would go back to Office Depot because the quality and color were very close to Powell’s but it seems the yellow needs to be toned down, a bit more blue, and a bit more white or highlights.

Project 2 Research


For the food still life I want the scene to feel casual and have a state of disarray but still maintaining a good composition. I’m thinking the state during cooking or after a meal would be the scene and taken somewhere between a 60 and 80 degree angle. The product the concept is going to be based on the odd one out. For this I’m thinking a variety of citrus with a vegetable like a potato as the contrast. Lastly the traditional portrait is from the lower angle and has a mix between incandescent light with a spotlight. contrast is important but no dark negative space.