Ex K


After printing each photo, and comparing them to each other and the digital image, I can see the small and big differences between them. I found that each printed image, even the professionally printed image, lost a bit of clarity and brightness. Between the professionally printed image and the other images, I noticed that the colors had changed as well. The other images were brownish and not as blue in the sky, while the professional image kept the pure blue color I wanted. I also noticed that the other photos lacked the original contrast and vibrance in color. As for the paper quality, each one ranged from heavier to lighter weight, with the professional one feeling the heaviest and sturdiest. The commercial stores mainly used a quick printed high gloss lightweight paper, while the professional printer had a variety to choose from. I ended up using a heavier weight lester photo paper from Powell, which I think turned out best. I will probably go back here for my project, as the prints turned out nicely and closest to the original photo on screen.IMG_3911.JPG

Project 2 Research

For my still life pictures I wanted to focus on objects I already had, and focusing on them in different ways (shoes, garbage bags, makeup, jewelry, ect.). For my product still life I first wanted to focus on the product only, but in the last image I went for a picture that could tell a story. For my food still life I wanted to take the meals I have readily available to me, seem fancier and higher end.ContactSheet-001.jpg