Ex K



Project 3 Research

For our four portraits, I have a similar idea for some of them. For the self portrait I have idea of me but in front of something that means a lot to me such as the ocean or a countryside. Nature is a very big impact on my life such as art. For environmental, I think I wanted to do a younger persons story because a lot of the samples are that of an old person, but a students story is just as interesting. For our formal or simple portraits I want to do a portrait of someone, my roommate, who is beautiful but has different features than the natural beauty norm that is presented in magazines. For creative portrait I would love to create a replica of a 1950s portrait of Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn because I love that era.

Ex G

Went to: Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, and Claremont Photo

The best match was Claremont Photo

The best quality match was also Claremont Photo

Claremont Photo is expensive so I will either print at Walmart or if I can find a friend with a Costco card, then Costco. The adjustments I will make will be to brighten the photo and increase the vibrance because the Costco print was dark.