Exercise K



Portrait Research


For my self portrait I want to use blur motion to photography myself. I want to be sitting at a desk tapping and pencil, shaking my leg, and playing with my hair. These are some of my nervous/anxious habits that I want to show. For the environmental portrait I want to take pictures of my friend playing goalkeeper on a soccer field. This is the position that he plays regularly and I want to use freeze motion here. For the formal/simple portrait I want to have it look like a headshot of an actress from old Hollywood. It’s not intended to be a creative portrait, I just want it to have a vintage/stylized feel. For the creative portrait I want to photograph the human body, specifically the shoulder area. My model has freckles and I want to get an up-close shot of those as well as the contours of the shoulder muscles.


Exercise G

  • I went to Costco, Walmart, Target, the Bronco Copy n’ Mail, and Claremont Photo.
  • Where is the best quality? The best quality was from Claremont photo.
  • What is the best match? The best match was from Costco.
  • I plan on printing at Costco. The shadows were a bit too dark, so I plan on lightening up the shadows/blacks on my image to make it properly match the screen.

Still Life Research




For my traditional still life I plan to collect vintage items such as books, glasses, aged paper/novels, and other items found at thrift or antique stores. I would prefer for this still life to have a vintage, rustic, and rough kind of feeling, and I want to scatter the items haphazardly, as if someone was working in a frenzy and left in a hurry.

For my product still life I would like to photograph my Jo Malone Sea Salt & Wood Sage perfume. The packaging is simple and delicate, and I would like to reflect that in my shoot. I want to somewhat deconstruct the main scents contained in the perfume, and intend to use physical representations of these ingredients.

For my food still life I would like to photograph avocado toast. This is one of my favorite breakfasts and is a food I know well. I want the finished product in the final image, but I intend to surround the finished product with remnants of the ingredients used to make it.