Exercise K

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Portrait Research

Portrait ResearchPortrait sketches

For my project three, I would like to focus primarily around lighting as a key element. For my environmental, I would like to photograph my fiancĂ© as he works in the morning light. For the self portrait, I thought it would be interesting to play with candle lighting, most likely alongside other lighting so that it isn’t too dark. For the formal/simple portrait, I would like to play with lighting alongside body expression. And finally for the creative portrait I was thinking of playing with paint or maybe charcoal.

Exercise G


I printed at Walgreens,Target, Pro Photo Connection, my HP Inkjet printer at home and at Staples. The Best Quality print would be that of Walgreens. The best match would be Walgreens. I will most likely be continually printing at Walgreens, although I might reprint this photo at Pro Photo Connection, because they did a really nice job, it was just my own fault it wasn’t the closest print because I had accidentally chosen a “pearl” surface. If I print at Walgreens, I will be making the photo warmer than desired since it printed a little bit cooler than I had hoped for it to.

Project #2 Brainstorm

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After looking at some examples of still life photos, I have some ideas as to what I would like to do in my project. For the Traditional Still life I think I would like to do a morning scene, with coffee cups stacked on one another, and maybe a pot of coffee, or some coffee beans next to it. I am a barista, and I collect coffee cups, so I think it would be nice to use something that has influenced my life as my inspiration. For the Food themed still life, I would like to use taco ingredients, maybe broken down into simplified ingredients or laid out messily. This I plan on doing maybe in my kitchen, or I was thinking it might be interesting to do an overhead view of my sink with all the ingredients in there, freshly washed. For my product category still life photos, I would like to take a photo of a bag of Starbucks Brand Pike Place Roast coffee, unground beans and some ground, maybe with some white flowers and leaves, or maybe a split cup of brewed coffee.