exercise k



research portraiture

research_project3sketches project3For this project, I plan on take dramatic portraits of myself. Have my face in different angles, probably making strange faces or doing regular tasks. For the environment location probably catch people doing their job. I would like to capture the part people don’t always see when someone is working. The simple background portraiture would have someone in different positions with props. It would be best to have a simple background to a busy looking portrait. For the creative I would like to add several colors falling from everywhere. Perhaps, even have the person covered in face paint in different colors .

Exercise G

Grano_Melissa_LightIMG_1904.JPGThe best quality print was, besides Claremont, was Costco. Each of the prints were similar plus is was the closest to the jpeg on my laptop. The other places were too dark and contrasted too much. I plan on going to Costco, its affordable and close by. I plan to continue to editing the photo until it matches the printed version.

1.walmart 2. claremont 3. my inkjet print 4. Costco 5. target