Exercise K


Portraiture Research


For each category of this project, I want to tell a story within my photos.

For my self-portrait, I’m going to incorporate a mirror and use photoshop to construct an illusion of “myself vs myself” type idea.

For the on location/environment portrait I’m going to have my model half submerge her face in a lake of water with her reflection completely the other half of her face.

For the formal portrait, I am going to use a plain black drop and have my model portray an emotion of sadness and try to get a powerful image from that.

For the creative portrait, I am still back and forth with ideas but I plan on creating a dark melancholic mood for the viewer’s eye.

Exercise G – Printing


Places I went-

  1. Top photos- Claremont Photo and Video
  2. Second to Top – CVS
  3. Second to Bottom – Target
  4. Bottom- Walmart

Where is the Best Quality?

  • The best quality would be at the Claremont Photo and Video Studio.

What is the Best Match?

  • The best match would be the Claremont Studio and Walmart.

Where do you plan on printing for the class?

  • I think for my larger projects I will print at the Claremont studio because of the great quality, however I may also print at Walmart and just do my best to try and color match the photo if needed.
  • Changes that I would make would probably be to desaturate the edit if I were to take it back to Walmart.