Exercise J



Ex G

For the best match photo, I felt that the print that was printed at The Icon was closer to what was represented on the screen, the other prints were either too saturated or too dark. The best quality print would also be the one printed at The Icon, the paper feels more natural and sturdy. I went with glossy since they did not offer luster prints on the 4×6 dimension, but I will probably go with luster next time just to see the difference between them. Chances are I will get my future prints from either Costco or The Icon since I along with the staff working there and they were extremely helpful. IMG_7489.jpg

Still Life Research

ResearchWhen it comes to desserts, there is something about them that combines a lot of elements. Desserts have color, texture, line, harmony, and symmetry, among other things. I have chosen to go with an individual dessert so that you can manipulate the foreground and the background to give the dessert a background story. For the traditional still life, flowers seem to be the best option because there are so many flowers, with so many shapes and so many combination of colors. Flowers are interesting in the way they react to light. When it comes to product, I have chosen Nike shoes. I have not pinpointed a certain shoe that Nike offers but as I begin to research by going to the mall and looking at the different shoes, it will become easier to pinpoint which Nike shoe I will choose to photograph specifically. I also enjoy Nike ads since they have a quiet and simple background because they let the shoe do all the talking. IMG_7488