Ex K



Exercise G


Places (in order): CVS, Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, Claremontphoto

Best Quality: Wal-Mart, Claremontphoto

Best Color Match: Claremontphoto

Where will you go in future? What adjustments need to be made?: Possibly Claremontphoto if my budget allows it, but a close second would be Wal-Mart, adjusting for brightness and contrast


For Project 2, I wanted to almost deter away from any of the traditional “take a picture of an image because it looks good” narrative, and focus on something a little bit deeper. I wanted to utilize a variety of images and subject matter that are still relevant to the categories in order to create a pleasing aesthetic, but also to tell convey a narrative of some sort that evokes either emotion or memories from the person viewing the images. This rings true especially for the traditional and food categories, as I intend to utilize soft and rustic lightings, backgrounds, and subject matter that play upon the feeling of looking at an old family photograph from 50 years ago. As for product, I would like to focus more on movement and/or bright colors that naturally attract a consumer to the product in the first place. research-still-lifesketches